Cloud computing in the Airline industry

Is cloud computing actually new?

cropped-th.jpegIn one sense ‘Cloud computing’ in the airline industry is actually a very old concept. It one way or another it’s been around for about thirty years in the airline industry.
The ability to use shared computing space on centralised hosts for reservations software or departure control systems has been around for many years. So the industry is quite used to the concept.

Today ‘Cloud Computing’ is marketed as a way of increasing efficiency and saving costs by reducing capital costs. The new model does use better technology and increased telecommunication speeds, from improved VPNs and high speed internet connnections, but will it work?
Many of the larger suppliers are working hard to introduce Cloud computing services to the industry. Some are introducing new technology and interfaces but essentially the model of software in the cloud remains.

The interesting aspect could be how disruptive this change could be to well established player? Could it be that software and applications providers become the dominant force or can the industry’s traditional telecommunication giants steal a march and continue to establish their supremacy. One can only tell in time.

Companies with Cloud solutions specifically for the Air Transport Industry include;

SITA.  Links Airports, Airlines via their cloud services with 3 data centres

ARINC: Has previously operated a cloud environment for it’s MUSE (CUTE) with delivered by Verizon’s Terremark subsidiary.