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Ink_AviationInk Aviation is an independent company based in the UK that runs airline and airport operational systems.

They compete in a niche market with a large emphasis on mobile, common user platforms.  They also innovate in areas such as DCS, check-in systems and airport terminal systems.

Solutions include;

Ink DCS is a modern, web-based system that provides flexibility, functionality and simple graphical user interfaces, that can be tailored to any size of business.

Ink BIS, the business information system that works on Ink DCS can dynamically create reports on virtually any aspect of passenger processing. Reports such as passenger data, including numbers checked-in, boarding passes and bag tags issued are available.

Information & Communication Technology
Ink has designed and developed all products and applications that are tightly integrated and delivered through a Web-based browser platform. In developing this way, Ink ensures that all modules are available from the start, allowing flexibility in choosing what systems are required and with the knowledge that additional modules can be switched on with little effort.

Ink CUTE has been designed with total flexibility in mind, allowing for it to run in it’s own existence of any existing legacy CUTE system. Ink has created a transparent mode with an abstraction layer sitting between an airline application and any existing CUTE provider. This allows for an airline to use Ink products without any investment in additional hardware by either the airline, airport or ground handler.

Ink CUTE can also run as the main provider at an airport. Using IP technology it provides greater opportunities and flexibility as portable check-in, using handhelds to print boarding passes, bag tags receipts etc. at a designated area.

INK Messaging
Ink Messaging manages operational messages securely over the Internet at a fraction of the cost compared to legacy providers over private networks. Messages are delivered with encryption ensuring total security of data. Ink Messaging is cost effective, eliminating the use of expensive EDI VANs (Virtual Area Networks) for Type A messages.

Ink Mobile Check-In allows agents to queue comb passengers and check-in using with an iPad, allowing for the passenger to be processed in exactly the same way as on a desk



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  • May 23, 2016 at 07:03

    If your bag drop process is virtually as complex as a check-in transaction, Ink will reduce it to a single scan for typical transactions and handle exceptions with minimum steps.


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