SITA, is one of the longest serving IT companies for the Air Transport community. Their business grew from interconnecting airlines with basic telecommunications and messaging. Today their business is divided between telecommunications and applications. Over many years their telecommunications revenues have been declining, with applications and airport systems business increasing.   It is probably the only Air Transport company owned by the Air Transport industry itself.   It’s structure and organisation reflects the unique cooperation structure.

About 10 years ago, SITA outsourced the majority of their Network Operations to France Telecom / Orange Business Services (OBS). This arrangement remains today with SITA reselling the majority of network services (bar messaging) from OBS.

SITA has a large portfolio of services that address many of the key aspects of the typically Airline model. They meet the requirements of the full service and the typicial interational airline. However many of their services are not fully suited to smaller lower fare carriers. They compete heavily with Rockwell Collins/ Arinc on several fronts, including telecoms, messaging and air to ground services. They also compete with Amadeus in the application space, particularly with respect to reservations bids.

Currently they have revenues of $1.7Billion for 2014.    Growth is slightly up since 2013, but overall the growth over the past number of years has been only marginal.


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