Sabre’s original genesis The Sabre (Semi-Automatic Business Research Environment) central reservation system, which was originally a part of American Airlines, pioneered online transactions. For the first time, computers were connected together through a network that allowed people around the world to enter data, process requests for information and conduct business. This system revolutionized the entire travel industry and formed the beginnings of the comprehensive and established system used today to buy and sell travel services. Moreover, it was the precursor for the entire universe of electronic commerce that exploded in the mid-1990s and that we all enjoy today.

Sabre emerged from the American Airlines group to become one of the Airline Industry’s major IT and solutions provider. They claim to be the world’s largest Software as a Solution (SAAS) provider and their portfolio covers many areas of an airline operation.

Historically their traditional area of experise was in reservations, e-commerce and operational systems. However they have expanded in building up consultancy services assisting airlines develop improved bottom line activities particularly in maximising revenues and profitability.

Although having a global footprint, they still carry a US brand image and compete heavily in Europe with Amadeus, SITA and Lufthansa systems.



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