Where is it used?

The primary areas for IT system usage:


Department Function Main IT system Supporting IT
Reservations To sell seats Reservation system WAN connectivity
To ensure revenue is captured C.R.S  Inventory System LAN connectivity
E-commerce Internet
Accounting Systems Web Services
Hosting services
Passenger Handling To check-in passengers Departure Control System WAN connectivity
(Airport Departures) Allocate seats Airport Self Service System LAN connectivity
Tag bags CUSS or CUTE Phone (Airport)
Send information to authorities Messaging system
PC / Thin Client
Passenger Handling Handling arrival passengers Baggage Tracing system WAN connectivity
(Airport Arrivals) Handling arrival special passengers PC / Thin Client
Baggage Tracing (lost bags) Messaging systems
Ground Operations To ensure Aircraft depart ontime Departure Control System WAN connectivity
& compliant with regulations (Weight and Balance) PC / Thin Client
Weather Systems LAN connectivity
Messaging systems
Ground to Air Comms
Flight Operations To ensure each flight has the Flight Planning System *WAN or LAN connectivity
appropriate flight plan Flight Scheduling systems PC / Thin Client
Optimizations systems Messaging systems
Runway / Obstacle system * systems may be stand alone
Cargo Operations To reserve and schedule cargo bookings for airline Cargo System (incorporating) Host or LAN based system
To ensure cargo is compliant with Reservations PC/Thin client environment
weight, volume and  restrictions Airway bill issuance Messaging
Management reporting Telex / Fax