Reduce your Type B costs

It may be only a small item on the overall IT bill but for some companies it can be a big expense.

Type B was developed in days when automated global messaging was in it’s infancy. It was a brilliant and efficient way of sending small but information rich content between reservation desks and airline hosts.

Surprisingly today it still exists, mainly because the industry hasn’t found a way of replacing this efficient mechanism. Even today new communications servers and applications are using Type B to communicate to the global industry.

Collectively the industry could change and replace Type B but it would take a cohesive effort which is unlikely to happen.

Nevertheless there are simple ways to reduce your Type B.
Thinking about simple things like ensure addresses are not redundant, checking out Type B routing and implementing ‘bucket’ addresses are some of the easy things to do. Even swapping suppliers can help.

There are many more aspects to check and doing so will reduce your Type B. If you would like to know more drop us a message at

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